The flexibility, customization and cost of Yapp
helped this small nonprofit engage their younger audience.

“We have been using Yapp for three to four of our association’s events every year.
The annual meeting is our biggest event with 900 attendees
and the rest have between 100 to 200 attendees.”
Lauren Mason
Executive Director
The Company
The Ohio Health Information Management Association (OHIMA) is Ohio's professional health care organization of 4000 credentialed specialists in the field of health information management (HIM). OHIMA is a non-profit, component state association affiliated with the 101,000-health information professionals American Health Information Management Association.
Basic Event Needs
Lauren and her team at OHIMA are always trying out new ways to engage their members. For their annual meetings, the exhibition hall is a pivotal part of the event. Initially, they with a lead retrieval company that offered a free meeting app.  However, few weeks before OHIMA’s meeting, the lead retrieval company nixed the app portion of their offering but offered a discount with Guidebook for those that were scrambling to find a last minute solution.  Lauren and team liked Guidebook that first year and looked into using them again the following year. However, they found the price was almost $2000 for the basic features were looking for.
Handouts, CDs, Website, Guidebook App
Have another option for handouts
besides paper
A way to engage younger, more
tech savvy members
Easy access to schedules and
other information on-the-go
Going with Yapp
Guidebook’s pricing was something Lauren and her team couldn’t justify for their small nonprofit organization. They started their search for a meeting app that met their needs at a cost they could work with.
“We need a cost-effective solution for meeting apps and weren’t prepared, able or willing to spend thousands of dollars
to build a custom app”
When Lauren and team started evaluating their event app options, the ability to easily customize the app to fit their needs was very important to them. “We’re flexible and can make it work with what we have but there were some basic features that were important to us.” The key features they needed were a schedule, sponsor and exhibitor listings and speaker profiles. “A reasonable price was icing on the cake!” said Lauren. They had heard about Yapp at another conference. When they looked into Yapp, they found it to be a great match for the features, price and flexibility that they needed.
“Yapp was a perfect solution because it was very cost-effective and very easy to setup and customize.”
Ohima Yapp Apps in Action
From young, tech-savvy members to members who don’t use apps at all, OHIMA has a wide range of members to engage. They had no way of knowing what adoption rates would look like so spending thousands a year on each event app couldn’t be justified. Yapp was the perfect solution to create event apps for their largest annual meeting as well as smaller meetings year round.
“We love having a customized meeting app for a reasonable price! If they are talking about apps anywhere I go,
I tell them –Yapp is awesome and it’s very cost-effective.
I’d recommend it to anyone!”

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