Create a Connected Experience For Your Company’s Internal Events

Not sure how to host an upcoming training session or an important internal meeting where employee engagement is critical? Or, are you already using an event app but having to submit tickets to an app developer for every little change, worrying about how long it will take them to make the change or build a new section in your app?

Say goodbye to the stress and headaches of planning your internal events or working with app developers, and say hello to Yapp!
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What You Get With Yapp

Yapp is the easiest way to build your own internal event app using a simple drag-and-drop editor - perfect for managers and team leaders without a design or development background. With Yapp, build an internal event app that keeps team members engaged and informed about your next sales kickoff, offsite, or new employee training event.

Zero Coding Skills Needed

No coding knowledge? No problem. Our simplified app builder empowers you to quickly add details about daily schedules, upload materials, and provide a private digital space for team members to connect about the event.  

And because Yapp clients don’t have to develop an app from scratch, they can publish their app in a single afternoon instead of months of costly and unpredictable project management.

  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Rich digital schedules
  • In-app event social feed
  • Live polling
  • Share slides and abstracts
  • and more!

Right-Sized for Every Budget

Many organizational leaders and team managers think that creating an app for their internal events will be an outsized expense, but it doesn’t have to be.

Rather than building a standalone app from scratch, Yapp clients use our platform to quickly publish an amazing app that comes pre-loaded with all of the features they need. This reduces the burden of a costly development process to just a few hours working with our user-friendly editor.

Further, Yapp is committed to transparent pricing and is more affordable than 90% of comparable solutions. We provide all the features you need to make a great internal event app - and none of what you don’t so that you can save.

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What Happy Customers Are Saying About Yapp

“The feedback has been tremendous. Every time I am running the app at an event I get asked how they can get it and use it for their next event.”

Brian Adamek
Digital Media Manager, Verizon
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Event Privacy Controls

Yapp’s event privacy features put you in control of how you let teams access your event. You have the option to only permit access to a select group of individuals like a sales team for a kickoff event. Alternatively, you can allow anyone to register (with your approval) so that any employee can join a more open, organization-wide event.

To keep event activity private and productive, you can also create a dedicated, in-app social feed. By skipping public social media platforms, you can protect employees’ privacy and actually increase engagement by keeping the focus on event-specific updates in your app.

In addition, with Yapp, you can moderate the content there if someone posts something out of line with your organizational values.

Track and Improve Team Engagement

Gone are the days when all you have to measure the success of your event is a survey that most attendees won’t bother to fill out anyway.

With Yapp, you get real-time analytics so you can identify which aspects of your training or team-building event engage your employees the most. Then you can use that knowledge to make an even better app and experience for your next internal event!

Better Communication with Employees

With an app driving the agenda at your next internal event, employees can get instant updates about the event via unlimited push notifications, get in touch with other attendees or administrators, and share thoughts, photos, and videos throughout the event. 

You can also use Yapp’s session feedback feature to get an understanding of employee sentiment. These responses can get you the data you need to build toward a more engaging internal event that aligns directly with your teams’ needs.

Why Use Yapp vs. Custom-Built Apps?

Value Pricing & Convenience
  • Yapp is an affordable event app solution for those on a tight budget
  • Far more cost-effective than commissioning a custom-built app from a developer
  • Yapp apps can be up and running in minutes; a custom-built app can take months!
Easy to Use - No Coding Required
  • Create an event app in minutes without programming or design experience
  • Empower attendees to conveniently access event information from their mobile device
  • Drag-and-drop features allow you to customize your app to match your brand
Track and Measure Event Engagement
  • Get real-time analytics on how attendees are engaging with the app
  • Make changes to your event and boost engagement based on the insight you receive
  • Keep track of what’s being discussed and which features are being used in the app
Next-Level Customer Service
  • Around-the-clock customer service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Friendly and helpful representatives
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Event App Features Attendees Need

Know where to be when
Simple tap for important materials
Get notifications and reminders

Everything attendees 
need at their fingertips, 
both on and offline.

Know where to be when
Simple tap for important materials
Get notifications and reminders

Everything attendees 
need at their fingertips, 
both on and offline.

Know where to be when
Simple tap for important materials
Get notifications and reminders

Last minute changes? No problem!

Apps are updated instantly with new content, design or pages.

Budget-Friendly, Feature-Rich Event Apps

Send unlimited push
notifications to your users
Add unlimited pages,
publish unlimited changes.
90% more affordable than
comparable solutions.

Event App creation starts 
in your browser

Publish instantly to iOS, Android & Web