Event App Marketing

Increase the event app adoption rate for your mobile event app and get a better return on your investment.
Your job isn’t done once you have created an event app. You have to show the benefits of the app to attendees so they’re excited to download and use the app leading up, during and even after the event. This eBook shows you how you can do that via every key marketing channel.
In this E-Book You'll Get
  • A multi-channel event app marketing strategy for 6 channels including email, website, social media, content, in-person and print.
  • Access to resources such as editable templates and pre-written marketing blurbs.
  • Plenty of savvy planners tips for the various marketing channels.
This guide is for you if you are a marketer or event planner in charge of marketing the mobile event app to increase event app adoption and return-on-investment.

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