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When choosing a mobile app for events there are two basic factors in deciding from the various event app providers: mobile app features and price. Mobile event apps can cost upwards of $20,000 and there are over a hundred features you could have in your mobile app. Due to this, choosing an event app provider can get overwhelming, confusing and even scary very quickly. Especially when some vendors don’t provide pricing upfront and/or ask you to sign multi-year contracts. 

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Comparison of Top 10 Event Apps
by Price & Features

How to choose an event app that’s right for you

The above chart shows a comparison of top 10 event app providers by price and features. When choosing a mobile app that’s right for your event, there are 5 key factors you’ll want to look for in your top contenders.

1. App features: Does the event app have all the features I want?
In the chart above we’ve listed  many features provided by event app providers. Before you go any further, determine which of these features are a must-have for you in order to create an engaging event experience without distracting or overwhelming your attendees. Choose your must-have features based on what will help you enhance the event experience for your attendees. If you want to cut cost on print, a documents library will be a huge help. If you want attendees to interact with each other an in-app community and photo upload are key.

Pro Tip: Stay away from trendy features that can cause attendee confusion, technical difficulties day of the event and a steep price hike for your event. Gamification is one such feature that is suited for only specific events with young, tech-savvy attendees.
2. Price: Does this event app fit my event or technology budget?
Event apps can cost upwards of $20,000. You do not need to spend that much. The price of an event app is often determined by the features you want to include, how customized the app is, and the number of installs. If you’re looking for certain trendy features such as gamification or want a stand-alone white label event app, then expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars. For an event app that has all the key features such as schedules, documents, in-app networking, push notifications and analytics, you can expect to pay less than $500 with providers like Yapp. 

Pro Tip: Certain event apps will charge by feature so the price of your event app can add up quickly. Find out how much your specific feature choices will cost.
3. App creation platform: Is the event app platform easy-to-use and flexible for me, the event organizer?
Event planning is stressful, time-consuming and time-sensitive. If your event tends to come together last-minute, you may miss deadlines for your event app to be created in time. Instead, opt for a solution that boosts two features: 

1) User-friendly full self-service app creation platform: An easy-to-use and simple app creation platform will ensure your app is ready in minutes while keeping you in full control of your app! The best way to confirm? Try out the event app platform first-hand to create and edit apps. 

2) Instant publishing: Choose an event app that doesn’t require any lead time (yes, that’s possible) to publish your app to iOS and Android devices. Certain providers such as Yapp, allow you to publish changes to your app instantly without the need to lean on any customer service staff or app store approvals from Apple or Google. 

Pro Tip: Don’t settle for a demo of the event app. Test drive the event app platform personally to confirm it’s truly easy to use and flexible. If your vendor doesn’t offer a free trial, beware!
4. Customer Service: Does the event app have a good reputation for customer service?
Choose an event app that has the level of customer service you desire. Same as with any other vendor, you want the customer service team to be an extension of your internal team. The best way to find out about the provider’s customer service is to contact them directly. The turnaround time, friendliness and knowledge-level of the responses will be a good gauge of the service you can expect when you’re a paying customer. 

Pro Tip: Ask them the turnaround time if a software glitch is found in your event app. Do they need to fix the bug and re-submit to the app stores? If so, you could be looking at weeks of delay especially if the vendor has to submit each app individually.
5. Reliability: Does the event app work all the time, on all devices?
This one might seem obvious but it’s the one that causes event planners the most amount of stress and panic. No amount of time and money invested in an event app will be worth it if the attendees are unable to access your app. Event venues are notorious for having poor and/or expensive internet connection so confirm your event app works offline. Also confirm if your app is going to be available on iOS and Android devices - the two most popular platforms for mobile devices. For those attendees who prefer to view your app on other types of devices or with their computer, the app provider should also provide a web view option. 

Pro Tip: Test out some demo apps by event providers on your own devices. Ask a colleague with a different type of device to test the app as well.

Ultimately, the best way to choose an event app is to find an event app that provides the best ROI with the right combination of event app features at the lowest price. This handy comparison chart as well as the 5 factors above should help you get started with narrowing down your event app choices. For further details go to the provider’s website, read some reviews and case studies, try out their platform (if they have a free trial) and then contact them with any questions you still need answered.

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