Affordable mobile apps for your organization

$399 / yr
for 1 app
Create an engaging app
with our easy-to-use editor.
  • Easy-to-Use Editor
  • Dynamic Template Pages
  • Unlimited Installs
  • 1 App Administrator
  • Chat & Email Support
More about Basic features
$649 / yr
for 1 app
Get more done with admin
  • Everything in Basic plus
  • + App Analytics
  • + Content Import
  • + App Privacy
  • + Post Scheduling
  • + Bulk Pricing Discounts
  • + Priority Support
More about Core Features
$799 / yr
for 1 app
Collaborate on apps
with others on your team.
  • All the Features in Core plus
  • + Team Editing (Multiple Admins)
  • + Phone Support
  • + Social Feed Moderation
  • + Video Uploads on Social Feed
More about Team Features
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Basic Features (included in all plans)

Easy-to-use Editor
Our user-friendly editor allows anyone to 
create and edit apps in minutes – with 
no coding or technological skills required.
Customizable Styling
Match your brand colors and upload a custom
cover page to make your app your own.
Unlimited App Installs
Share your app with as many users as you like.
No limit on the number of users that can download
the app to their phone.
Dynamic Template Pages
Add as many pages as you’d like to share information, feature sponsors, enable networking, share documents and more.
Instant Publishing
Instantly publish your app and make changes on the fly without waiting for app store approval.
Unlimited Push Notifications
Always keep your users in the loop by sending instant updates right to the home screen of their mobile devices

Core Features

Content Import
Bulk upload content into the app from a .CSV file.
Get content from anywhere into your app in seconds.
App Analytics
Monitor your Analytics dashboard in real-time. See app installs and usage over time as well as dive into content specific metrics.
Volume Discount
Buy multiple Core apps and save. The more apps you buy in bulk, the more you save. Learn more here.
App Privacy
Choose from 3 privacy settings. Restrict access to your app to a hand-selected list of users and even revoke access as needed.
Post Scheduling
Select a time and date to publish your post to a Social Feed. Prepare your message ahead of time and be sure to reach your users at the right time.

Team Features

Multiple Admins
Invite others to help create, edit and manage apps. Control who has access to which apps and edit access as needed.
Social Feed Moderation
Protect your app from inappropriate posts, photos, and comments by requiring Social Feed content to be approved by an admin before being shown.
Video uploads on Social Feed
Sometimes pictures just aren't enough! On our team plan, you can now upload short videos from your mobile device.
Volume Discount
Buy multiple Team apps and save. The more apps you buy in bulk, the more you save. Learn more here.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

You can try our platform for free for 14 days. During your trial, you’ll be able to create and share as many demo apps as you’d like. Once a demo app reaches 10 installs, anyone trying to add your app will be unable to do so. After 14 days, your apps will be automatically archived if you don’t upgrade. If you decide to upgrade after your trial, you can choose a plan and reactivate your app(s).

Which plan is right for me?

Our Team plan is awesome for organizations who want to collaborate with different team members.

Our Core plan is great if you have one person putting together your app each year with powerful admin features including advanced privacy options, real-time analytics, and bulk content upload.

Our Basic plan is a good choice for those on a tight budget who just need essential functionality.

All of our plans will get you our easy-to-use and great-looking platform.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan later?

Yes, you can! Choose the plan that's right for you now and upgrade if you need additional features or apps later. When you choose to upgrade between pricing tiers, you'll be charged a prorated amount for the  remainder of the year on your new plan, minus a credit for the remaining  time on your old plan.

Do you offer educational discounts?

We do! If you’re an educator using Yapp in the classroom, for a conference, or in a professional development setting, send us an email at from an .edu address and we’ll guide you through the process.

Is there a sample app I can look at?

You can choose from a variety of sample apps to download here.

What if I only need an app for a short period?

The  vast majority of our users use Yapp for events which last anywhere from  one day to several days. We give users up to a year create, build, share and keep their app up but you don't have to. Our pricing can be thought of on a per app basis with up to a year of hosting. We have priced our plans low enough to be a great value for even a one-day conference.

Can I pay by check or PO?

We prefer you pay by credit card so we can keep it automated. However we do accept checks and wire payments for a $50 processing fee. Email

Do you offer non-profit discounts?

A large portion of our customers are non-profits and we would love to welcome yours. Our prices are the best in the business. On a tight budget? Check out our Basic plan. Need more features? Contact us about a non-profit discount on our Core or Team plans.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can install my app?

No. Once you are on any of our paid plans, an unlimited number of people can download your app.

Have more questions? Need help? Email us!

"The feedback has been tremendous. Every time I am running the app at an event I get asked how they can get it and use it for their next event."

Brian Adamek 
Marketing Manager, Verizon

"People loved it! We had several attendees explicitly mention in their feedback forms that they loved Yapp. We also had 96% of attendees agree that logistics ran smoothly, and we think Yapp certainly helped with that."

Casey Lamb
National Director of Growth, Schools That Can

"I've received nothing but positive feedback from attendees.
They preferred the Yapp app over the native one we had the previous year,
and Yapp was a fraction of the cost."

Vincent Moulden
Digital Media Manager, Thompson Management & Associates

"I say this to anyone looking at event apps in the association management profession. Yapp is by far the best solution we have come across to engage our attendees during events and reducing our overall event printing cost. I could and would list all the great things about Yapp but your group just need to use Yapp."

JJ Meidl
Membership & Events, North Carolina Pediatrics Society