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All the key information you need at your fingertips

Powerful Schedules
Key Location
Featured People
Media & Documents

Always be up to date
on what's happening

Know of important changes when push notifications are enabled. Plus, receive only updates that are important to you with per-page notification settings set by you.

Access detailed information for training and education

Get the most up-to-date information about when and where webinars, trainings, and sessions are happening. In a click you can open Zoom and other meeting URLs, or view presenter info and download slides.

View embedded videos from YouTube & Vimeo

View your team’s most useful videos and get inspired to hit your goals, right inside the app. From product tutorials to community videos and inspirational talks, there's no shortage of helpful videos.

Find helpful resources available with a tap

Grab handbooks, policies, guides, presentations, and more in the app. No more stockpiling files and folders or wondering where to find those key documents.

Use the mobile app on all your devices and platforms

Connect with your community and meet new people

Access the mobile app anywhere, offline
even when WiFi isn't available

The easiest and fastest mobile app builder around, we promise.

  • Create your App in Minutes
  • Add Unlimited Pages & Content
  • Instant Publishing
  • Unlimited Updates & Changes
  • No App Store Approval Needed
Create Your App in Minutes
Add Unlimited Pages & Content
Instant Publishing
Unlimited Updates & Changes
No App Store Approval Needed

See Real-Time Analytics

Monitor your apps' installs, usage and content statistics in real-time.  Make data driven decisions about your event content and communication. Show sponsors and your boss the ROI from your event app.

Design the App
to Match Your Brand

Customize your mobile app to
match your brand or app theme.

Make Your Apps Private

Share your app with the world, use a custom ID or restrict access to a pre-selected list of users.

Integrate Other Tools

Make your app more social by pulling in a Twitter feed, videos, social connections, and more.

Registering or selling tickets through Eventbrite? Use our tickets page so that users can buy from the app.

Import Your Content

Upload a .CSV file with the data to a People, Sponsor, Schedule, or Multi-track page in a matter of seconds.

Get Feedback on Sessions

Want to understand which sessions and content people enjoyed or didn't? Use our Schedule or Multi-Track page and enable the Session Feedback setting.

In your analytics, you'll see ratings and comments left. You can also export the list of users who provided feedback for further follow up and nurturing.

Showcase your partners
& increase revenue with your mobile app

The Best Value Around

Our mobile app plans are great for teams and businesses big and small.
No sales calls, lengthy contracts or hidden fees. See how we add up compared to other options:
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Full Feature Index

TEMPLATE PAGES (Included with all plans)
Simple Schedule

The basic schedule is organized chronologically. Add all the days' meetings, trainings, webinars, workshops, and activities in one simple place. With our Core plan and up, you can also import your schedule via a .CSV.

Rich Text Page

This page is great for holding pertinent basic information about what users can find in your app. You can also add images, videos, call-to-action buttons, and separators for greater customization and design.

Enhanced Social Feed Page

Engage your app users by allowing them to post photos and comments or ‘like’ and comment on posts by other users. You can also enable our “Social Feed Moderation” setting for more control over posts.

Documents Page & File Uploads

Store PDFs, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents for your users to reference, read, download and share. You can add them to a Documents Page or attach docs to any Schedule or Multi-Track page.

Photo Wall

Let people connect and share their personal photos to build your community. With our enhanced Social Feed, you can enable our “Grid” layout setting to create a photo-centric page.

Multi-Track Schedule

This page can be used to split a schedule by department, focus, day, or whatever you need. For each 'track', you can organize resources and events by category or type with rich text sub-pages.

People Page

Showcase your app users, team members or partners by including photos, names, titles, links and bios or descriptions. All entries can be reorganized from editor or imported via .CSV (excel) on our Core plan and up.

Admin-Only Feed Page

Making an important company announcement or sharing some exciting news? Use our Social Feed page with the “Admin-Only” posts setting enabled to send admin-only updates and notifications.

Simple Polls

Get your users' anonymous opinions with a simple poll. This page can hold one question and an unlimited number of multiple choice options – perfect for gathering feedback, thoughts, and votes.

Partners Page

Impress your sponsors, partners, exhibitors, and VIPs by showing them in your app with this dedicated page. App users can get to know and connect with your partners to help you both grow your businesses.

ADMIN CONTROLS (Vary by plans)
Custom IDs

Create a URL for your app and easily share it with your users. They can download your app on iOS and Android devices with just one click. Try a demo app here: https://www.yapp.us/sample-apps

App Privacy CORE & TEAM

Allow anyone to access your app or restrict your app to only people whose emails you list, to those who authenticate with their email, Facebook profile, or 1Password with three different app privacy settings.

Content Import CORE & TEAM

Upload lists of people, partners or your schedule in a matter of seconds from a .CSV spreadsheet. Using our import templates, we make it even easier to bulk add content to your pages.

App Cloning

Save time by cloning your existing apps instead of creating new apps from scratch. Just make the necessary edits, then click the "clone" button and your app is ready for it’s big reveal!

Social Feed Moderation TEAM

Protect your app from inappropriate posts, photos, and comments by requiring Social Feed content to be approved by an admin before being shown.

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Admin-Only Page Settings

Allow Team members who manage your app to enable Social Feed Moderation, Profile Claiming, Session Feedback, Draft Mode, and other admin-only settings unique to the mobile app page.

App Analytics CORE & TEAM

Monitor analytics such as who has downloaded your app, most viewed pages, and total likes and comments. Or, dive deeper into engagement and usage metrics, such as specific users who left feedback.

Content Export

Export your app pages including our People, Schedules, Polls, Documents, and Social Feeds pages for sharing with your teams or quickly adding to your other Yapp apps.

Multiple Administrators

Create multiple teams with different administrators for each team and grant them access to all admin controls to the respective team’s apps. Plus, there’s no limit on how many team members you can invite.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Send messages directly to users’ mobile home screens to keep everyone up-to-date, drive engagement or share important information.

Unlimited Team Members TEAM

Invite an unlimited number of team members to work on the app with you without being charged for extra user seats. This lets you really collaborate as a team, without pricing barriers.

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Unlimited Device Installs

Allow your apps to be downloaded to an unlimited number of devices including your app user’s phones and tablets - with no added or hidden costs.

Offline Viewing

No more worrying about not being able to access the app because of spotty Wi-Fi. Your Yapp apps will work offline, without relying on internet connection.

YouTube and Vimeo

Inspire your team, connect your community, and create engagement in your app by adding your YouTube and Vimeo videos directly to a Yapp Video page. With one click, users will can view your videos on-demand.


Use our 1Password integration to log in with 1Password or generate strong, unique passwords when signing up for a new Yapp account.

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Using Eventbrite for sign ups or registration? Our Tickets page integrates directly with Eventbrite making it easy for your app users to rsvp or register for sessions, webinars, or trainings.

Facebook Simple Sign-On (SSO)

Enable the authentication privacy setting to allow app users to access the app by creating a username and password, or logging in with their Facebook profile.

Choose a Theme Color

Our color picker gives you the chance to match your app with the colors of your brand or app theme. Choose a shade from our standard set or use the drag and select a hex code of your own.

Brand Your App Cover

Give your app some style by adding your company logo to the center of your cover and brand color or image to compliment it. The background has a treatment to it so that your app title won't get lost.

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Pick a Theme Style

In addition to selecting a color, you can also select the styling. Choose the light style if you want a white background with just the color accenting your app or the dark style for a more bold look.

Upload a Custom Cover

Have a designer of your own? For something a little more custom and true to your brand you can also upload a 920px by 640px custom cover image that acts as your own branded app icon.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customers rave about our speedy, friendly and helpful support staff. Don’t believe us? Just email us at support@yapp.us to experience it first-hand. In addition, our globally distributed customer success team delivers nearly 24/7 support.

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