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We want to make mobile app
creation more accessible.

Yapp at a Glance

Our team is passionate about empowering mobile app creation. We help professionals at organizations from small nonprofit associations to large enterprises reach their goals without going through the pain, time, and cost of having to build an app from scratch.

That’s why we created Yapp – a do-it-yourself platform that allows you to easily create, edit, and instantly publish engaging mobile apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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Our Story

Yapp was founded by Maria Seidman and Luke Melia in 2011, and launched in 2012.

We are a small scrappy, successfully bootstrapped startup. Our team is constantly on the move, but always connected and working hard to make our product better. We don't have daily free lunches, we don't have masseuses or a concierge and we don't throw lavish parties. Yet without these "perks," we are having more fun and working harder than we've ever had and loving it.

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Meet the Team

Maria Seidman

CEO & Co-Founder

New York, New York

Maria is Yapp's fearless leader. Formerly the Vice President of Digital at Warner Brothers, Maria founded Yapp in 2011 upon realizing how difficult it was to create a simple mobile app. In 2014, she won Entrepreneur Magazine's Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year and is passionate about women in tech, mobile trends, and spending time with her family.

Luke Melia

CTO & Co-Founder

New York, New York

Luke leads all things tech on the team as the CTO and co-founder of Yapp. Previously he was the VP, Engineering at Weplay and Director of Software Development at Oxygen Media. In his free time he enjoys parkour, beach volleyball and teaching his two young daughters how to program.

Jason Bekilay


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Jason has been writing software for more than a decade, previously working with startups and government institutions in Manitoba. He is thrilled that he gets to work with people who are passionate about delivering a quality product and exceptional customer service. He enjoy cycling, hockey, and spending time with the most important people (and dogs) in his life.

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Maria Seidman was named 2014’s 
Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 
by Entrepreneur magazine

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