Yapp serves as La Cantera Resort & Spa's primary internal communication tool.

“It became evident that traditional means of internal communication (bulletin boards, emails, phone calls) were not providing long-lasting and effective results. Yapp has greatly assisted in our company's ability to quickly and effectively communicate with every single one of our 450 associates, even if they aren’t at a desk.” - Mathew Cortez, Social Media Expert


With Yapp, La Cantera Resort & Spa is able to reach 450 mobile employees with pertinent company information and creates a feeling of camaraderie and community.

The Company

La Cantera Resort & Spa is a luxury resort atop one of the highest points in San Antonio, Texas.

Resort Manager Terry Holden and everyone else working on internal communications were very frustrated. Out of 450 associates, only about 100 are at a desk. The majority of associates communicating with guests didn’t know the up-to-date information they needed to know. Yapp was introduced as a mobile means of internal communication to make sure all associates had the information they needed and were on the same page about resort policies and day-to-day happenings.

Human Resources Director Kristi Millhiser said, “With so much of our team mobile, a mobile solution made perfect sense. They are on the go and we needed a tool that was available at all times. For La Cantera, it’s our Yapp App. Frustrations regarding lack of communication or not having the right information at the right time have been alleviated with the app.”

Yapp app as a mobile communications tool

La Cantera Resort & Spa has been using Yapp to meet a variety of communication needs. This includes an internal communication app for all associates to stay informed and connected as well as a private app for the leadership team.  

  • Total Installs: 1,330+ (users have installed Yapp on multiple devices)
  • Employees Engaged: 450
  • In-App Interactions: 670+
“Yapp is an integral tool in our internal communication at the resort. During new associate orientation, we download the app together and it becomes a go-to tool for all new associates from day one.”  - Mathew Cortez, Social Media Expert

La Cantera Resort & Spa's Apps


La Cantera Resort & Spa created their first app to serve as a mobile hub for human resources information. It started with just 20 associates and has grown to 1,300+ installs as associates have installed it on multiple devices including personal phones and tablets.

“With Yapp, all employees are on the same page about procedures, processes, seasonal events and promotions. It empowers everyone with the information they need.” - Mathew Cortez, Social Media Expert

Yapp allows the HR team to communicate effectively to all associates. This includes company announcements, special promotions, celebrations, benefits/discounts details, and more. The team also set up wireless printers across the resort so associates can print forms and documents on their own.

“The best thing about Yapp is that it has built a type of camaraderie and community among all associates that we could have never expected!” - Mathew Cortez, Social Media Expert

The app’s social networking features empower associates to share personal pictures and post comments. This component helped turn Yapp into the ultimate (and only) channel for internal communication for all associates - it’s a combination of a resource hub as well as a light-hearted communication tool for all employees!


This private app serves as a resource for ~60 assistant managers, managers and directors at La Cantera Resort & Spa. It includes sensitive documents/information that is for management use only.

Yapp serves as a mobile learning resource for management. It includes a library of training videos with common processes and questions. It’s an opportunity for HR to train the trainers. The app allows them to go over these things comfortably at their own pace, and refer back to it as many times as they need.

Additionally, Yapp houses event orders with details for day-of and next-day events so managers can refer to them throughout the day. Originally, they were having to print these every morning and carry them around the resort.

Key Successes

  • One central information hub: All relevant forms, documents and information can be found in the app. This means that all associates, even if they aren’t at their desk, have the information they need available to them at all times.
  • Timely updates: The app is constantly updated throughout the day. Everything from where to park at the moment to what cultural topics to discuss with guests can easily and quickly be found in the app.
  • Ability to reach every single employee: Email had been used to reach 1/4 of the associates. Then, these associates were responsible for communicating to the rest of their team, which didn’t always happen. Yapp makes it possible to reach every single associate and thus makes everyone feel empowered.
“Associate recognition/announcements, video celebrations, and general communication reached only about 100 associates without Yapp. Now, we can confidently communicate any and all that we need to over 450 individuals with a single posting!”
  • Better understanding of company culture: With the mobile app, HR as well as managers can communicate the company culture effectively with the entire staff. Topics that come up can be openly discussed helping set the tone for the company culture in the app.
  • Exemplary customer service: Customer-facing associates are informed (and empowered). Due to this, they are able to assist guests with accurate information and provide excellent service.
  • Feelings of camaraderie and community among employees: Associates have built connections and relationships with their peers through the apps social networking features. They even post personal pictures and fun comments, helping build real relationships. The app has become a vibrant, social platform.


“Yapp enables us to look at internal communication from an innovative perspective versus traditional channels. It trumps email. But, what make me happiest about using Yapp is that it helps bring all our employees closer.” - Mathew Cortez, Social Media Expert

In conclusion, Mathew adds, “I would definitely recommend Yapp because it’s an unconventional and innovative, as well as effective, approach for employee training and communication. It can be customized to suit your needs. Building that sense of camaraderie and community with people you work with is hard to do and Yapp is the only way that I’ve seen it can be done so far.”

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