A Yapp app helped this educational nonprofit smoothly run a national forum and saved them money.

“We used Yapp for our 10th annual National Forum, which we held in LA from May 18-19. We had more than 150 participants attend,” Casey Lamb, Director of Growth

Educational NonProfit

The Company

Schools That Can is a national nonprofit made up of individual urban schools. The leaders work together throughout the year, sharing and adopting practices that can improve education for low-income and minority students. The organization hosts an annual forum where new ideas are discussed.

Basic Event Needs


Bringing together leaders from schools across the country requires a lot of communication and coordination. For the first several years the forum was planned using a mishmash of documents and spreadsheets to map everything out. The organizers wanted a way to keep everything contained in one easily accessible and understandable place. 


Spreadsheets, documents, printed materials

  • One place to house all the logistical information
  • Increase attendee engagement
  • Ability to easily make changes on the fly and communicate these changes to attendees

Yapp App in Action






2,700 sheets


Unlimited push notifications. This feature allows the app creator to send messages directly to all users’ mobile home screens.

“People loved it! We had several attendees explicitly mention in their feedback forms that they loved Yapp. We also had 96% of attendees agree that logistics ran smoothly, and we think Yapp certainly helped with that.”


Casey and team knew an event app was the solution they were looking for. They evaluated several options and decided Yapp was the best choice for their nonprofit. There were three key reasons they chose Yapp: ability to send unlimited push notifications, dynamic page templates they could use to house information about the forum, and undeniable cost-savings. Sending out updates and highlights is important for the collaborative organization, and Yapp’s push notification ability came hugely in handy.

“Yapp helped us communicate more effectively,” Casey said. “We could send out notifications to all attendees so that they knew where the next event was.”

Having a place to house the logistics — like directions, speaker bios, daily schedules — was also valuable. Instead of sorting through document after document and printing and copying them for each of the 150 attendees, Casey and her team were able to easily upload everything to Yapp within a couple of days and keep their attendees informed. Schools That Can saved more than $500 in paper costs for their national forum — that alone was more than the cost of the app!

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