Verizon has Engaged its Employees through Enterprise Apps

“We use Yapp for multiple training, appreciation, and sales-related events throughout the year.”

Cellular Communications
Training meetings, internal team communication & annual celebrations
150-600+ Attendees

The Company

Verizon Wireless is a cellular communications company. They have trainings and other events throughout the year for their internal staff, educating and rewarding them for their work with the company. The trainings are done by region, bringing together different departments from different areas to collaborate and learn with one another.

Basic Event Needs

Main Issue

The team at Verizon wanted a versatile and affordable mobile app solution to provide training materials and information to all of their users. However, Verizon is a huge company. To have one app for all employees across the nation to use for their respective regional events gets hairy fast. When they tried custom app development for each region, they had to pay fees every 3 months and it drove the budget into the tens of thousands of dollars per app.

Looking for
  • One event app solution for all their internal conferences and trainings
  • An affordable mobile app for all of their company events and conferences
  • Ability to easily make changes on the fly and communicate these changes to attendees

Going with Yapp

The choice to go mobile, and with what type of provider, came down to the regional teams. Brian’s team looked at other mobile app solutions, but nothing had what they needed on a budget. When they found Yapp, they were able to create affordable mobile apps for employee training events for anywhere from 150 to 500 employees. Employees at the training events really love the apps - they have easy access to key training information that is always up-to-date. Since Brian’s team started using Yapp for training and internal events, it has caught on throughout the regions. Many other teams are joining with them, creating their own mobile apps for regional employee trainings with schedules, news feeds, and tons more.

Verizon Yapp Apps in Action

Verizon used many of the Yapp features for their training and internal conference apps: Verizon participants posted hundreds of pictures real time from the event, Brian’s team sent notifications of changes to the schedule or notifying attendees of something about to begin as well as integrated with Twitter with customized hash tags.

Company Budget

Within a year, Verizon went from hosting two event apps a year to nearly eight. They have also been able to shave off 10% of their annual spending by replacing paper at their events with Yapp's engaging and affordable mobile apps instead.

Attendee Engagement

Verizon has had events with 100 employees to events with over 500 employees and everyone has loved the event apps. They have been able to make the event apps better and more interactive each and every time.

“The feedback has been tremendous. Every time I am running the app at an event I get asked how they can get it and use it for their next event.”


After doing their research, Brian’s team found Yapp to be easiest and most affordable solution to go mobile at their events. Participants for their regional training events can get the information they need at their fingertips, changes can be made on the fly and they were able to cut costs by 10%.

“This app was just the easiest for the right price and the right features.”

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