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Yapp’s diverse feature set, easy-to-use Editor and instant publish functionality, allow you to create mobile apps for team trainings, employee engagement, internal communications, events, and more. Below are some of our most popular categories and sample apps for you to check out.

A mobile conference guide for attendees on-the-go

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Industry conferences, trade-shows, user or customer conferences, and more.

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Conference App

Yapp will help you create a conference mobile app that will help you engage and delight your attendees while saving you thousands of dollars in printing costs.

Why do I need Yapp for my conference?

You could run a conference without a mobile app but using Yapp will not only save you money on printing costs. It will allow you to be more proactive. If a speaker drops out or you have to deal with a conference room change, the fastest and easiest way to communicate it to everyone is via email or even better a push notification. Yapp allows you to send unlimited push notifications to all your conference attendees.

Why is Yapp so much cheaper than the competition?

Yapp is a bootstrapped privately owned company. We do not have investors to respond to and can price the way we want. We originally started as a free app and in order to stay alive we had to charge what we do today. We are constantly adding new features and trying to make the app better for conference attendees and organizers.

What if I run multiple conferences and need more than one app?

The more apps you buy, the more the price per app goes down. Some heavy duty conference organizers can pay as little as $199 per app. Head over to our pricing page to find out how volume pricing for our conference mobile app works

Why should I go with Yapp to build a mobile app for my conference?

We would love to tell you that all the other mobile conference app builders are bad and that you should go with us but the truth is a lot of the companies out there are comparable. When it comes to software the race towards features is a race that everybody wins. Everyone ends up having everyone elses features. We try to differentiate ourselves by our incredible customer support. The fact that we never stop if a customer needs help or has a problem and that we’re there to help no matter what. From formatting a logo to making it fit properly to helping explain a new page type, but don’t take our word for it check out our reviews on Capterra or G2Crowd and compare us to the competition!