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Yapp’s diverse feature set, easy-to-use Editor and instant publish functionality, allow you to create mobile apps for team trainings, employee engagement, internal communications, events, and more. Below are some of our most popular categories and sample apps for you to check out.

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Retail field staff, hospitality teams, distributed or non-desk employee workforce, or any team

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Internal Communication

Yapp will help you create a perfect mobile app to organize your team around. You can start with a warm welcome page, restrict who has access to the app and upload all your important documents and materials right into the app.

Why is Yapp so much cheaper than the competition?

Yapp is a bootstrapped privately owned company. We do not have investors to respond to and can price the way we want. We originally started as a free app and in order to stay alive we had to charge what we do today. We are constantly adding new features and trying to make the app better for conference attendees, organizers, sales teams and HR teams who are looking for an employee training mobile app.

Why should I go with Yapp to build an internal communication mobile app?

Whether it’s your first app or you’re looking to downsize from something more complicated Yapp is going to delight you. The mobile app creation process is amazingly simple, non technical people can have a sales meeting app ready to go in the app store in a matter of minutes. Some sales teams thousands strong have been using Yapp to communicate with each other and . The features that make Yapp a great internal employee app are too numerous to list here. Start a free trial today and you'll see why Yapp is the right choice.