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Yapp’s diverse feature set, easy-to-use Editor and instant publish functionality, allow you to create mobile apps for team trainings, employee engagement, internal communications, events, and more. Below are some of our most popular categories and sample apps for you to check out.

A mobile app to take your sales meeting to the next level

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Sales kick-off, trainings, incentive trips, or any other sales meetings

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Sales Meeting

Yapp will help you create a perfect mobile app for your sales meeting. Yapp is trusted by Verizon, Sprint and many more companies to help their sales teams across the country perform better. They have found that Yapp is an invaluable tool when it comes to sharing information, having your sales team collaborate and creating sales recognition awards to motivate your team and help them reach their targets.

Why do I need Yapp for my sales meeting?

Yapp is a great mobile app for your sales meeting because it is inexpensive, allows you to communicate with your sales team and lets you provide them with a modern up to date tool without the hefty fees that usually come with building your own mobile app. The push notifications are a great tool to communicate with your sales team. They can also communicate with each other through the social feed.

Why is Yapp so much cheaper than the competition?

Yapp is a bootstrapped privately owned company. We do not have investors to respond to and can price the way we want. We are constantly adding new features and trying to make the app better for conference attendees and organizers.

What if I have multiple sales teams and want to keep them separate?

The more apps you buy, the more the price per app goes down. Some heavy duty conference organizers can pay as little as $199 per app. Head over to our pricing page to find out how volume pricing for our conference mobile app works

Why should I go with Yapp to build a mobile app for my sales team?

Yapp is a product that allows you to build a mobile app and share it with your employees and sales stuff in minutes (we’re not kidding you could be up and running in less than an hour). Yapp is trusted by the sales teams of major corporation as well as smaller regional players. A push notification is often a much more effective way to communicate a new special than an email. The fact that you can upload orientation documents, people bios and more is an additional bonus when it comes to a mobile app for your sales team.  We also try to differentiate ourselves with our incredible customer support. In fact we never stop if a customer needs help or has a problem, we work relentlessly until the problem is solved. We do advise you to not take our word for it and head over to Capterra or G2Crowd and compare us to the competition!