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Our 50,000+ customers from small staff associations to large enterprises have chosen Yapp to create mobile apps for events, conferences, meetings and internal communication. Meet a few of our awesome customers and read their stories below.
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Training & Internal Event Apps
“This app was just the
easiest for the right price 
and the right features.”
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Client Event Apps
“Yapp has saved us
a ton of money and cut down
on our printing cost ”
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Annual Meeting Apps
“Yapp was a perfect solution because
it was very cost-effective and very
easy to setup and customize.”
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Event Apps
“I could and would list all the great
things about Yapp but your group just needs to use Yapp.”
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Conference Apps
“Yapp is a total
package: it’s easy, beautiful,
and cost-effective.”
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Internal Communication
“Yapp is an integral tool
in our internal communication
at the resort”
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“From an app management perspective, it's easy to prepare and
cost-effective. From an attendee perspective, it was convenient, easy to use and add an interactiveness to the event they hadn't experienced before. It helped bring people together in a cool, modern way.”
Carly Rodgers
Marketing and Education Manager
"The best thing about Yapp is that it's simple to update, clear and easy to read and navigate.
The feedback from attendees has been fantastic, they loved it. Within 2 minutes of setting up the 'Conference Selfies' page, pictures started to roll in!"
Sue Rennett
Change Manager - Customer Care
"We love it! Fantastic way to keep in touch, share photos and feedback.
It helped to build the excitement around our event and
everyone got on board right away."
Cath Millman
Head of Internal Communications
“I was thrilled with how easy it was to use Yapp! I was able to build the pages within
an hour or so, and then spent some time editing the information as needed.
I've heard a variety of positive things, but mainly the feedback revolves
around how easy it is to navigate the app.”
Natasha Harp
Program Specialist

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